Part two of the 65yrs old man & 23yrs old sugar daughter Atopa video pops up

A few days ago, a disturbing video of an old man believed to be 65 years old and a pretty young girlfriend, 25, went viral on social media.

She could not understand why he will take a video of her nud1ty when she was right there with him and is always available.

In the second a lot of things were said between the old man and the young lady (Both still naKkked) which helps people to understand what happened.

It appears the young lady offended the old man in a way and she went there to apologize for what she did.

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Whiles the old man was taking the video, the girl placed a curse on him and his entire family if he ever leaks the videos or sends it to someone else.

It’s quite disturbing considering the fact that such an old man will release a nude video of a young and trusting lady just for revenge.

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