Relationship: What’s special about your Love ❤

Why is your love special
Why do you love him/her

Many people feel like they don’t need a reason to love someone. We at Softreloaded have a mixed feeling about this, I’m sure some us also have a different view to this.

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Even to those who claim this, I’m still sure that their are somethings that he or she does that gives you Joy. Let me tell you mine. Note that it without mentioning his or her name.

I’m Leri

My Love is very pretty👸, cool😎 and knows how to act cute 🐈. No matter the hair style 👧👩👱‍♀ she does, she always rock them even when she cut💇 them. I love the way she goes crazy 👹 and at times can be annoying😡 but anytime I hear her voice 🗣, I become speechless 🤐. I’m heartless because she took my heart💓 away. She gat me 💯💯

Let us know why you love her so much without mentioning his or her name, drop yourz via our comment box. Let make this an interesting conversation.

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Don’t just write it here, let your lover know how you feel as well. Put it on your whatsapp status like the one bellow.

Why her

15 thoughts on “Relationship: What’s special about your Love ❤”

  1. My bF is also handsome, he knows how to make me smile and doesn’t chase after other gals like most guys, all of you can’t be trusted… You all are after pu*ss*…

  2. I like the fact that she doesn’t allow just any guy near her, I really like that, she get only eye for me😁😁😁😁

  3. My Gf Na virgin… She kept herself, it alone gives me Joy, you know gals of nowadays, no virgin, are you yourself a virgin??

  4. Let be realistic, who doesn’t have reason for loving their boyfriends when their is money, I love him because he has everything I want in a man. He is my joy giver, he has cute eye and friendly family.

  5. I use to have this problems with my previous had, most guys have this problem but they are okay with it but I m not, their girlfriend will have this guy called best friend that will be a guy and this guy will be the threat and be doing things that you yourself are not doing with your girlfriend. But my new Gf defined her relationship with other and I feel safe.

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